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Transformation, alienation, and contamination of matter.
Everything that surrounds us is matter subject to continuous changes and transformations and every element of this universe, including life, therefore undergoes a continuous process of regeneration.
In the philosophical cycle of existence, similarly, the changes concern values ​​and emotions, those disturbances, perceptions, psychic or emotional states that over time can change and influence our choices, our existential and spiritual path.
With this project I wanted to expressly concentrate on the concept of transformation in a broad sense because every element known to us can generate new forms and with them new concepts of reality. A reality that when it becomes difficult to interpret we usually define abstract. In this way we are forced to reconsider our certainties and examine new interpretations of the surrounding universe.
The technique
The images are the result of digital processing of photographs produced by me.
Digital processing makes use of various techniques and processes that make the final work unique and unrepeatable.
It is the inspiration of the moment, as it should be for every artist, that guides the choices and transformation techniques. Just as the decision to use color or its total absence is functional to the project.

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