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Photographer Marco Simonelli

Since I was a boy I have always been fascinated by the world of photography and like any other adept of this discipline I started discovering the surrounding world by photographing what struck my imagination. Soon, however, I realized that forms, light and matter are nothing more than elements to contemplate other and less obvious aspects of reality. So I started a journey of experimentation that continues today with the same passion and unchanged enthusiasm. An enthusiasm and attention that I have also poured into commercial photography, with services to people and companies.
The various photographic experiences have allowed us to develop a critical and open attitude towards new forms of expression, especially thanks to the opportunities offered by digital technology.
Conceiving photography as art presupposes a deep knowledge of emotions, so much so that if as a photographer I saw and recorded, as an artist I began to penetrate the deepest aspects of human affairs. I like to think that artists are the uncomfortable voices of our consciences and for this reason I prefer the deepening of conceptual themes.
Technically, the school of the great masters of photography and baroque painting are still a source of great inspiration today.

My photography

I am led to express an essentially conceptual photograph, with a surrealist vision of life. An artistic field open to multiple interpretations and sensibilities. The images related to some projects do not express the known matter, but freely range in the inner universe of mankind. Each image, therefore, can have different interpretations and collocations, as are the emotions and stories of each of us. Each of these images, whether it is a photograph or its graphic processing, must therefore be the subject of careful reading and interpretation. I would like that with the vision of my photos you can have a moment of reflection and walk in that middle ground that stands between the material and metaphysical dimension of existence.

Photography as an object of furniture.

The primary function of any art form is to excite. An emotion that is born in the eyes of the beholder. With the visual arts, of which photography is part, it is possible to perpetuate this emotion through the physical possession of the work. It is one thing to see the photo on a screen and another to have it in your hands, enhance it with a beautiful frame and enjoy it in a public or private context. Each image reproduced on this site is therefore purchasable.
The photographs can be printed on various supports and sizes (precious photo cards and canvases) and will be accompanied by a special certificate of authenticity.
You can also have prints type poster 20x30 signed at the base by the author from the cost of € 80,00. The frames are not provided.
For any need or information you can write an e-mail to info@formalux.it.

Email: info@formalux.it
Tel: 345 299 7166
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