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Photography as an object of decoration.

The published images have been selected and designed to create forms of decorating environments, whether residential, corporate, hospitality or recreational facilities, healtcare and whatnot.

All images originate from my own photographic production.

They represent the forms and spaces of matter, appropriately reworked to create new intangible elements, new forms and new lines of thought.
Therefore, each image is unique, in some ways unrepeatable because it is generated by the creativity and inspiration of the moment, as is appropriate for any work conceived as art.

The projects on display cover various categories of interest: landscapes, abstractions, nature, seascapes, still-life and more, and the related prints can be offered in various sizes and on various media to meet the client's decor and budget needs.

For any needs or information you can email info@formalux.it
Marco Simonelli

Email: info@formalux.it

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