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They are black and white images, of a timeless era and a dimension without borders. A dreamlike place where humanity helplessly witnesses events, unwanted paths.
Reflected in the mirror of time, we are forced to relive the substance of our darkest feelings and silent aspirations, evoking loves, drives, grudges and sordid aspirations.

In this emotional storm we would like the vessel of cravings, sighs, intentions and ideals to finally take the desired course.
In the dreamlike sea of existence, we are forced to savor the harsh and sweet flavors of good and evil, to fully perceive the warmth and violence of passion, to be dazzled by the brightness of greedy desires.
It is impossible to break those ropes that have long prevented the continuation of the journey. That suitcase always ready for a trip only coveted. Ambitions of revenge against a world that oppresses emerge. We are slaves of life rather than architects of our own destiny.
Dream visions are the farce of our existence, the emphasis on irretrievably missed opportunities, such as the sacrificial death of our destiny that marks the fulfillment and end of human tragedy.
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address: Largo IX Novembre, 1/C - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

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