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Having to give a definition, sensations are those subjective experiences associated with a physical stimulus. Technically they are the result of external or internal stimuli transmitted by our sensory channels to the brain.
However, as superior beings we cannot limit the concept of sensation to mere neuronal capacities. There is much more in each of us.

Sensations should be interpreted as the fuel necessary to feed the engine of our emotions and our passions. Feeling sensations is immersing ourselves with all our senses in the world around us, giving and receiving emotions.

Seeing the images of this project can give everyone different sensations, as it should be. Subjective experiences that turn into more or less positive or conflicting emotions.

This is why you are seeing these images and this is the purpose of my photographic art.
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address: Largo IX Novembre, 1/C - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

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